Thursday, November 6, 2008


Last night I watched a little bit of the TV show Nightline, just enough to hear a theory about Obama's win on Tuesday. That theory was, due to Oprah's endorsement of Obama, he beat out Hilary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee. Not only that, but Oprah may have helped him win the entire election.

The show stated that anything endorsed by Oprah sees dramatic popularity increases. If it's a product, sales spike. Take for example, Oprah's Book Club. Books that would otherwise remain obscure or unknown to the majority of Americans are now flying off the shelves and into homes. Why? All because they have the "O" label slapped on the cover. Americans think, "Oprah loves it, it must be good!"

So Nightline tied this "phenomenon" to Obama, since he--like so many books--was endorsed by Oprah. This, the show also indicated, was the reason why he beat Clinton in the primaries. If Oprah hadn't been behind Obama, he probably wouldn't have won, for it gave the equation, Obama - Oprah = Hilary.

This idea seemed a little odd at first glance, but when you think about it, it's completely believable. How many thousands upon thousands of Americans not only watch Oprah, but think she's a goddess of salvation? Yes, it is entirely believable that a vast majority of her loyal followers bought into her backing of Obama.

And now, what's Obama going to do with this huge help he's received from Oprah? Vice President Oprah? Or is he going to change his name to Oprama? Or maybe he'll follow in her footsteps and at Christmas give all of us "Obama's Favorite Things." Hey, spread the wealth!

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