Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life as a Royal

Tonight as I was watching the film The Young Victoria I was thinking about royalty.

Most of us will never live in a palace or wear a crown, but as children of the King, we bear the title of royalty.

This title, child of the King, is one I've heard for many years growing up. Heard, used, but not always understood. Sometimes I've felt it cliche, how can one feel royal, be royal, when one is not?

I think the problem for me is I get caught up in the literal and tangible, and forget about what being royal means for me. It doesn't mean brandishing a scepter or bidding royal subjects, it means behaving as one who is royal. No, I wasn't born into royalty, but I was adopted in by the King.

This then begs the question, how does royalty behave? And not just any royalty, children of the King.

I made a few observations from the movie, and obviously from Scripture, about the nature of being royal. It has helped me grasp this concept of being a child of the King.

Royalty ought to carry with it an understanding of example. Those who are royal are an example in life and deed to those whom they come in contact with, which includes other royals as well as non-royals. This then includes using discretion in all that a royal does, behaviorally, verbally, emotionally, Spiritually.

This is the mark of a true leader. Often times we don't feel fit to lead, as I'm sure all great leaders feel at some point in their lives. But, knowing the example that should be set and presenting it is essential.

Royalty also should bear the characteristics of love and charity, compassion for those they meet. While royalty by very nature seems proud, it should be anything but, knowing that it is not pride but responsibility that overshadows their position.

Royalty inevitably has a charisma or magnetism about them. We are drawn to princes and kings, fascinated by their lives. And similarly, as children of the King who have Jesus within our hearts, we should find people drawn to us. There should be something different, yet appealing about our lives. It's an invisible draw, a pull that all those who profess to follow Christ should possess.

There are so many more characteristics--authority, wisdom, grace, generosity, courage, calm, thoughtfulness, assertion--that should be possessed. However, one that seems to become muddled so often by children of the King is that of the carrying out and following of the law.

Within this duty of a royal, there are often two paths: that which we would call legalism, where one must follow the letter of the law, and that in which the law is rejected and ignored. Finding the balance is forever the duty of the royal.

Jesus gave us an example in his earthly ministry--he lived perfectly, and yet appalled the teachers of the law. He broke the "laws" they had put into place, yet committed no crime, teaching that love of God and fellow man reigned supreme, above empty actions and meaningless rituals. And he enacted a new covenant between the King and his children, whereby we are now free to approach God, and spend an eternity as a royal with him.

Our battle comes in this earthly life, where we must choose whom we will serve. Will it be ourselves, a deceptive path in which we please our desires and ignore the King's commands? Or will we swear allegiance to the King, forsaking ourselves and adhering to his perfect will?

The latter should be our choice and govern our existence and example as royals. Within this guidance we will find the strength and direction to carry out our duties in daily life and be the royals we were chosen to be.

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