Thursday, April 21, 2011

For You, Life

Ever wonder what your life is worth, or who would miss you after you are gone?

What is left in the void created by your absence? What do the people say about you, standing over your cold corpse? Do they say it was a tragedy, you died so young? Do they say they don't know why this had to happen to you? Do the people look down from their lofty eyes and thank the Lord their hearts are still beating? Do they mourn the stop of yours?

Do you care what is left behind you, after you are gone?

Perhaps the reality that we will all still be here didn't come to mind. Of course when life is bleak and dark and cold, it's easy to forget the ones your existence keeps warm. Instead of looking from the inside out, you've got to contort your viewpoint, looking from the outside in.

What do people see when they look at you?

Certainly the ones who call themselves strangers, perhaps acquaintances, will admit they don't know much about you. They see someone who is young, perhaps struggling, but has opportunities just like the rest of us. They see that you are carefree, handsome and strong.

But I am not one of those, the ones who don't know you. Neither are the ones who call themselves family, friends, lovers. They know the you that you are struggling to see. The you they love and dream for. They know your secrets, but hold none against you. They know your flaws, and see only your successes. To them, you are a beating heart, a lung full of air, essential for survival in a world otherwise lonely and rejecting.

Don't forget this in your wondering, as you contemplate your worth. And when you think you want to pass that way, remember who will be waiting, waiting for you to come home. When life seems like a deathtrap and all you're wanting is escape, don't forget the ones that couldn't go on without you in their life.

For you we've prayed and thanked the Lord. For you our hearts smile and dance. For you we keep these treasured memories. For you we long and hope. For you we love.

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