Thursday, June 9, 2011

Texts to God

I'm not really sure what got me thinking about this concept of sending texts to God, but I sort of like it.

Of course it's really so much easier to access God than via text message when all you have to do is think. But still, if you only had 160 characters, what would you say?

Then I started wondering if I'd talk to God more if I could text him. But I think we sort of talk all day, without the texting or dropped calls.

For the sake of creativity and blogging, here are some texts to God--confessions, admissions, truths--even though I never had to hit send.

* * * * *

I promise I wasn't ignoring you today. I don't know why everything else seemed so important.

Some days, I really don't understand why people do what they do. Do you?

What's one thing I do that bothers you the most? I know, it's probably way more than one.

Thanks for not sending Jesus back today and proving those religious crazies wrong.

I wish I could love you as much as you love me. Maybe one day?

Thanks for showing me that it's not about me. It's so much bigger.

I miss some of the people that have gone to be with you. What are they doing right now?

Today I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I need help.

So, whatcha up to?

I wish I could take back the last five minutes... Actually, how about the last five years; any way I can get a do-over? :P

Thanks for the sunshine. I needed it today.

Remember that one time when you provided for me to graduate college without any debt? That was awesome.

I guess cell phones are pretty worthless when you can read my mind, huh?

Good morning. So, what's on the agenda of unexpected events today?!

Can you please, please, PLEASE let the Mavs win the playoffs? Pretty please? :)

I miss how the vastness of the mountains reminded me of your vastness.

I know that this is where you want me... Is there any way you can make it easier?

I just wanted to say thank you. For everything.

On a scale of 1-10, how much does it bother you when I put off spending time with you? Actually, you don't have to answer that...

Please help me to remember I don't have to worry and stress; it's way too easy to forget.

I know you're not going to tell me when, but I can't help but ask. So, when's it going to happen?

You rule. Literally.

I need help not rubbing stuff in people's faces. Or trying to make them feel bad.

Please give me the strength and patience I need to just get through life.

When I have really weird and/or bad dreams, what does that mean exactly?

You created every person in your image. Thank you for the reminder.

Have I been driving you nuts lately? I've been driving myself nuts...

Thank you for being the real definition of the word good.

I seriously need your help right now to not do something I am totally going to regret.

Even though I'm having the hardest time feeling you, I know you're there... right?

When you say no, does that mean a complete and total no? I was just wondering.

God you are higher than any other. I like that song.

When we all get to heaven, can you do a re-enactment of the parting of the Red Sea?

Thanks for the really amazing, close friends you've given me.

Do sacrilegious movies make you mad, or do you just ignore stuff like that?

I could reeeeally use some help today, this is going to be hard.

Can I just ask one small favor?

Thanks for closing that door. As hard as it was, it needed to end.

How old are we going to be in heaven? Just curious.

Help me to really honor you in the things I say and do.

I can't wait for the end of sadness and tears. That's going to be a great day.

I'm just going to be honest, it is really hard for me to be kind to some people a lot of the time.

Have I told you today that I love you? Because, I love you.

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