Thursday, March 27, 2014

Contributing to The Dead Church Movement

I'm excited to tell you all about another opportunity I have been given to be a guest writer! This time, I'm teaming up as a contributor with my friend Jordan Santos and his site, The Dead Church Movement.

The site is an excellent resource for churches and Christian believers as it seeks to wake up the sleepers in our generation--those who call and believe themselves to be Christians, but are not. There are lots of great blog posts covering important topics from the church and legalism to tolerance and discipline.

My first post, Beauty in the Body, was published today! It is a church-centric spin-off article from my last blog post, Life Lessons and Confessions of an Ugly Girl. It takes the themes of that post--appearance, beauty, worth, and value--and dissects them under a biblical view for the church. It may seem like a post just for women, but I wrote it broadly for all church members and leaders. I'd urge everyone to read it as it may encourage you, and provide a glimpse into the needs and desires of others.

I'm looking forward to continuing to contribute to The Dead Church Movement and I would love to hear your thoughts/feedback. If you read the piece, what struck you about it? Did you learn something or consider something you hadn't before? What do you think could be added? What types of things would you like me to write about? I value your opinions and love to hear from you!

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