Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Support Dressember for Girls Like Me

The goal of Dressember is to use clothing to declare a message, and to simultaneously raise support for an extremely worthy cause, International Justice Mission. (Read more about this in my previous post.) I fully believe in the work IJM is doing to help rescue people out of slavery and sexual exploitation because I was once a victim too.

No, I wasn't a victim of human trafficking, but in high school I was the victim of a repeat crime that was sexual in nature. If I hadn't had the support and help of my family and law enforcement officials, it most likely would've continued or gotten worse.

My heart aches for those who don't have help and support, who don't have someone to speak up for them and defend them. I know what it feels like to be defenseless, and also what it feels like to have rescue and a voice. Now I want to be a voice and help provide rescue for women and girls who so desperately need it. And that's why I'm participating in Dressember.

Maybe you have a story that's similar to mine. Maybe you've helped someone who was a victim. No matter what your experience has been, I'm asking you to stand with me this Dressember. Together we'll be a voice for victims, declaring that crime should not be allowed to continue. Declaring that each person deserves dignity, respect, and freedom.

How can you help? Come on over to my Dressember Challenge page and ask yourself what you can give to this cause. Every dollar you invest goes to IJM (and is also tax-deductible within the U.S.), no amount is too small to give to this great work. After that, please share my page with others you think should join the cause. Together we'll be stronger and louder in the fight for justice.

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