Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The First 'Currently List' of 2015

Making: Graphics about the attributes of God for my church's social media.

Cooking: All Whole30-approved meals and feeling quite good about it. :)

Drinking: Straight black coffee because doing the Whole30 = no sugar/creamer.

Reading: 'The Social Church' by Justin Wise and 'The Scorch Trials' by James Dashner. One of my goals this year is to read more. So far, so good!

Wanting: To see Dressember reach its goal of raising $500,000 to fight human trafficking with International Justice Mission. We are 90 percent of the way there and anyone can give through January 31! Check out my page to donate if you'd like!

Looking: Forward to making the most of the last year of my 20s, which will be starting all too soon.

Playing: [Confession:] Way more country music than I'd like to admit. And some 1989.

Wasting: Time watching TV shows like The Bachelor and Sister Wives. Not sure what that says about me...

Sewing: I need to sew up a hole in Nick's hoodie... and learn how to sew more things so I can be more creative!

Wishing: That I could be more appreciative and grateful for the things in my life, especially the things I don't like as much. I'm practicing this by looking for the beauty in the cold temperatures and glistening snow. God makes marvelous things!

Enjoying: Warm nights by the fire with Nick and Jade in our comfy little home.

Waiting: To see what 2015 will bring. I know what I'm hoping it will bring, but I know God is in control.

Liking: This shirt from Sevenly. It helps support Stand for the Silent's work against bullying. Just ordered it today. :) Also liking this downloadable calendar from blogger and designer Kynley at To Live Beautifully.

Wondering: How long it will take for me to start really craving junk food.

Loving: Life right now. I don't want to dwell on the past or look to the future so much that I miss the now. It's gone too quickly and we can't get it back.

Hoping: To build even better, stronger relationships this year with my friends in Iowa City and beyond. I am so thankful for each and every person God has brought into my life and I want to strengthen those special friendships.

Marveling: At the gift of life. Whether old, young, or somewhere in between, life is amazing and so precious.

Needing: To reorganize, well, everything. The holidays always get chaotic, so does the house. I also need to take down the Christmas decorations. Nope, that hasn't happened yet. Don't judge!

Smelling: This new perfume, Black Orchid by Tom Ford. I got a little sample from Sephora. It is soooo good.

Wearing: So. many. layers. Including fleece-lined leggings and a sweater from Loft. Gotta keep warm in these negative temps!

Following: Restore One which seeks to care for boys who are victims of domestic minor sex trafficking. Find out more about Restore One at

Noticing: That a lot of us women struggle with self-depreciating thoughts. I pray for God's truth to shine brighter in our hearts and minds. You are wonderful, beautiful, and amazing, ladies!

Knowing: That contentment is a bi-product of a pursuit of godliness. Our church's family pastor said that and it's so true.

Thinking: Way more things than I can write down in this space, but isn't that always the case? Right now I'm mostly thinking I'm about ready for dinner.

Bookmarking: All the Whole30 recipes I can find by pinning them on Pinterest! I'm always on the lookout for another delicious meal!

Mostly emails these days, now that Christmas is over. But I'm tempted to keep up my Christmas card display for a while. I love all the pictures of friends and their babies!

Giggling: At our cat's antics. She always does the funniest things.

Feeling: Really good, inside and out, for the first time in a while. I'm learning that mind, body, and soul really are all connected. You have to care for each to be your best.

What's on your currently list? Copy and paste this one, fill in your responses, then share a link to your currently list in the comments so I can check it out!

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