Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dressember 2016: Week 1 Recap + Giveaway Extension

Dressember 2016 is off to an amazing start! As I'm typing this post, we are only $24 away from the half-way point of my $1,500 goal! To celebrate this successful first week, I have decided to extend my art giveaway.

Donate $20 or more to my Dressember campaign by 11 p.m. CST on Sunday, December 11, 2016, and I will send you a piece of my "famous" brush lettering artwork! This has been a beloved thank-you item in the past and once again I will be creating these original works of art for my donors. Each quote is selected and hand-painted by me, so you will be receiving an original piece, not a print. (All I need is your address so I can send your thank-you art on its way!)

Your donation will go toward funding the work of International Justice Mission and A21, two organizations fighting to end human trafficking and restore dignity to those rescued from slavery. Also, all donations are tax-deductible within the United States.

At the end of each week of Dressember, I'll be posting a recap which will include photos and information from each day. If you don't want to wait for the recap, you can get daily updates and photos by following me on Instagram @MrsEliseMance.

Day One

Fundraising Stats
Total raised before day 1: $335
Amount donated on day 1: $50
Grand total: $385

Day Two

Fundraising Stats
Amount donated on day 2: $84
Grand total: $469

Day Three

Fundraising Stats
Amount donated on day 3: $100
Grand total: $569

Day Four

Fundraising Stats
Grand total: $569

Day Five

Fundraising Stats
Amount donated on day 5: $127
Grand total: $696

Day Six / Team Tuesday

Fundraising Stats
Grand total: $696

One day a week my co-workers are joining me in wearing dresses for Dressember. We've dubbed these days "Team Tuesdays." It is so great having these ladies join me!

Day Seven

Fundraising Stats
Amount donated on day 7, at the time of publication: $30
Grand total: $726

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