Thursday, August 31, 2017

Exploring Creative Worship

Earlier this month I wrote a post about reclaiming creativity in Christianity. I have felt challenged to find ways to be more intentionally creative in how I worship, particularly in my personal time. I want to change how I view and behave in my time of Bible study and prayer as a response to the Creator. I want to reflect His creativity in an effort to glorify Him. So I have been asking, what does it look like to merge creative expression with worship?

I see many ways that the church has worked to merge creativity and worship--music, spoken word, lights, design, acts of service, potluck dinners. But as with most elements of Christianity, I know that we can do more, internally and externally. What exactly that looks like, I am hoping to uncover in the coming months.

As a first step, I am making a creative worship journal. I will be filling it with artistic pieces that I hope will reflect the truth about God creatively. It will incorporate verses, hymn lyrics, prayers, and responses to God out of my personal time of study. I will be starting with a goal of adding to the journal throughout the month of September. After that, I want to evaluate what I have learned and experienced to see what I should change and explore in the future.

As a second step, to move outside of my personal time, I will also be sharing what I design on my creative Instagram account. My hope in doing this is to authentically and truthfully honor God in a public forum. I also want to bring worship to an area of my life that I tend to engage in selfishly. I often do creative projects for myself or to earn money. While I don't think that is inherently wrong, I want to challenge myself to intentionally worship God in whatever I am doing.

If this sounds interesting to you, I want to invite you to explore creative worship as well. You can create a journal, or find another way to worship God through an area you are gifted in. Creativity is never limited to just art, it encompasses every skill from gardening to tech, parenting to cooking. Anything that we as humans can make or do is inherently creative as it is a reflection of our Creator.

If you decide to join in, please let me know. I would love to discuss your thoughts and what you are learning throughout the process.

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