Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Post-Wedding Moment

I'm officially back in the "real world" after my whirlwind wedding/honeymoon week. I have so much to share (stories, tips, photos), but I wanted to jump on and share my initial post-wedding thoughts.

Our first dance, an Instagram pic captured by my cousin, Jenae.
First, I can officially say it is possible to have a lovely, memorable wedding for under $5,000. But, at the same time, it's hard to do without the help of amazing family members and friends! So I was very blessed. Many people commented on how beautiful everything was, how they loved the music (I stressed over it for a while, so that was nice to hear), how pretty the colors were, how they were surprised at what I did with the space I had, and many people commented on my dress (how beautiful it was and where I got it). It all turned me into a believer in the power of small-budget weddings (and my abilities as a decorator/event planner). So I will be sharing all my detailed tips and tricks as soon as I can!

Second, when people tell you that your wedding will be a blur, they're right. I remember trying to capture each little detail and soak up everything that was being said and done, but in the end, it was over so fast and I don't remember so many things less than two weeks later. I'm so excited to see our professional images and I'm really glad we asked my co-worker to film everything. So whatever you do, don't skip photos and a video!

Third, because everything goes by so fast, make the most of every opportunity you have with your guests. I remember feeling a little silly as I hugged people at the rehearsal dinner thinking to myself, "I can hug these people later." But as it turned out, in the rush to leave (we had our send-off at the end of the reception, so we left and didn't come back), I didn't get to say good-bye to anyone beyond my parents. Looking back, I was glad I hugged people when I had the chance, even though it did feel silly. So my advice to all brides and grooms--hug and hug often!

Fourth, if you're going on a honeymoon and it involves being in the water or doing water-related activities, invest in a water-proof camera. We went snorkeling and hiked up a waterfall and I wished so many times that we had invested in a water-resistant camera we had been looking at. It would've been perfect for capturing those moments when we couldn't take our regular camera and phones along. Thankfully we were able to purchase a photo of ourselves in the waterfall and take pics on the boat before snorkeling, but I'm a sucker for underwater photos.

Finally, like everyone will tell you, enjoy your day because at the end of it, you will be married! I was so ready to get married that by the time Thursday afternoon rolled around, I didn't care about any more details. People would ask me questions and I would tell them to do whatever they thought was best. I had done all I could do. So when Saturday came, I mentally prepared myself for the fact that something could go wrong and I told myself not to care. If anything did go wrong, I didn't know it. I was happily in bliss, swishing around in my Vera Wang gown and hanging out with my best friend who had just become my husband. From what I remember, it was the perfect day. :)

I promise more details are coming. In the mean time, please share something you learned on your big day or during your honeymoon or wedding week!

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