Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wedding Hashtag Success

It's going to take some time for us to receive our professional wedding photos, which is fine with me! Edit away, oh skilled photographer. But, I did get some instant photo gratification with Instagram, thanks to our friends and family members who took tons of pics!

Our exit, captured via Instagram by my cousin Jenae.
As I wrote previously, Nick and I decided to create a custom hashtag for use leading up to and on our wedding day. We started posting a few things on Twitter and Instagram, adding our #NickElise713 tag. I also started pulling these posts into a Storify list (see the slideshow below!). At the wedding, we included a plug for the hashtag on the back of our programs, asking guests who used social media to add it to their posts.

The result was 128 Instagram photos and videos and this slideshow! :) (Side note: The videos don't show up in the slideshow, for whatever reason. Click here to see the list format if you're really interested.)

I love the candid photos, group shots, and little moments from the point of view of our beloved friends and family. I'm so glad that they helped take up the job of documenting our day, and that we had a hashtag to help us collect the documentation into one place. I would absolutely recommend the creation and use of a hashtag for any wedding. (For more on this, see my previous post.)

Are you using a hashtag to help document your wedding? If you have used a hashtag to document an event, do you have any tips or tricks to share?

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