Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Currently List

Making: Graphics and updates to my cousin Crystal's blog for her flower business. Thoughts?
Cooking: Way too many sweets these days. From cookies to cupcakes to coffee cake. Yummm.
Drinking: Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee, to the point where I think it's affecting my sleep. :/
Reading: 'Texas Trails: Lone Star Trail' for an upcoming book review I'll be writing.
Wanting: Nothing and everything, all at once. Life is so good and yet challenging. Above all, I want peace.
Looking: For a new job out here in IC.
Playing: 'Ends of the Earth' by Lord Huron. Love, love, love.
Wasting: Time doing things I like. So maybe it's not too wasted. ;)
Sewing: Some holes in my leggings need sewing. Or I could just get new leggings...
Wishing: This cold would get a little less cold. Spring, anyone?
Enjoying: My sweet husband and fuzzy kitty. They make life so much better.
Waiting: To make adult-y decisions. Sometimes I still don't feel like a grown up.
Liking: This thing called community that we've been getting involved in since moving. It has been such a blessing.
Wondering: What I would change about my life and the way I lived if I just had a five-second glimpse of eternity.
Loving: The wisdom of those who have walked this road before.
Hoping: We can go to Chicago sometime in the not too distant future. I miss that city.
Marvelling: At the way God works in our lives, through the good times and through the bad, to bring about His amazing plan.
Needing: A shower. This is what happens when I get up and do everything but get ready for the day.
Smelling: The best candle scent ever: Volcano by Capri Blue Candles.
Wearing: Sweats, yo! And a Sevenly t-shirt.
Following: My new favorite Instagram feed, @teni_komo.
Noticing: It's a good time for a snack. ;)
Knowing: Change is inevitable.
Thinking: Friends are the best. :)
Bookmarking: Cupcake and frosting recipes from Martha Stewart.
Opening: Emails (and the occasional letter).
Giggling: With besties.
Feeling: Warm and cozy. :)
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