Friday, May 1, 2015

The Spring 'Currently List'

Doodles and drawings (like the one above) all month long with #DoodleADayMay.

Cooking: Modified-Whole30 recipes as we're trying to eat healthier. However, we do allow an occasional cheat day, or "cheat meal." Gotta keep our sanity somehow!

Drinking: Lots of yummy all-fruit smoothies! Peach is my fave.

Reading: All the articles I can find about "Jurassic World." That movie cannot come out soon enough!

Wanting: To become a better servant through my work and relationships. I'm learning a lot about service this year and I hope it will be something I carry with me always.

Looking: Forward to this summer and getting to spend some quality time with family in Michigan!

Playing: My iPod on shuffle, which results in some really random combinations, like movie soundtracks and Relient K.

Wasting: I'm probably still wasting too much time on tv shows...

Sewing: Absolutely nothing. I don't really sew, unless it's to patch a hole or replace a button.

Wishing: That being on a diet was easier. Well, some days it is and some days it's super hard. The days it's hard are the days I'm craving all the things I can't have and feeling like I'm not seeing any results.

Enjoying: The warm temps of spring and taking long walks around our neighborhood.

Waiting: For a lot of things, but at the same time, totally at peace with where life is right now. It could change, it could stay the same. Either way, I want to be thankful and choose happiness.

Liking: Old Navy's spring/summer clothes, especially these boyfriend shorts and this super cute romper.

Wondering: If the weather will finally stay nice, especially for Tulip Time next weekend!

Loving: The friendships I have been able to build since moving to the Iowa City area. I am so thankful and blessed to have amazing, godly women in my life who care about me and challenge me to be a better person.

  Hoping: To make the most of this summer! I can't wait to take a little trip, hang out with friends, soak up the summer sun, and help out at some high school church events!

Marveling: At the grace of God. He truly gives us far better and beyond what we deserve. I hope to have grace like that.

Needing: To order some wraps from my friend Cami so I can get this body ready for swimsuit season!

  Smelling: Some great new fragrances I picked up from Bath & Body Works: Wild Madagascar Vanilla and Endless Weekend. Both are very summery!

Wearing: Short sleeves AND sandals! It's a win!

Following: Some shops on Mackinac Island that I hope to visit during our trip. Check 'em out: Little Luxuries of Mackinac and Poppins on Mackinac.

Noticing: All the beautiful colors of spring that decorate my route to work. White, purple, shades of green, pink, yellow... It's all gorgeous.

Knowing: That forgiveness isn't based on how bad I've been but on how good God is. That nugget of truth came from our senior pastor this Sunday. It was a killer message.

Thinking: It might be time for a trim. I'm liking my hair a little past my shoulders, but a trim means I'll probably need to retouch my ombre. And I can't get rid of my ombre! ;)

Bookmarking: Mostly stuff for work, like stock photo websites. I'm pretty into Unsplash right now, but so is everyone else it seems. Their pictures are everywhere.

Windows and doors to let the outside in.

Giggling: At Lip Sync Battle, such a hilarious show!

Feeling: Peaceful, content, and yet challenged to do more and be more.

What's on your currently list? Copy and paste this one and fill in your responses! Then share a link to your currently list in the comments so I can check it out!

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