Thursday, June 11, 2015

Explored: Kalona, Iowa

I'm starting a new "Explored" series to show the places I get to visit and explore. I also want to use it as an opportunity to highlight some of the unique and interesting things you can find in Iowa, though it definitely won't be limited to just Iowa. ;) Thanks for reading!

Since moving to Iowa City, Nick and I have discovered the nearby Amish town of Kalona. We were last there a month ago, so this is a belated post about our explorations.

One of our favorite places to visit while in Kalona is the Amish grocery store, Stringtown. You can find lots of unique food items in bulk, as well as fresh produce and, in the spring, flowers.

During this trip, we visited the Kalona Brewing Company for the first time. It features a mix of modern and vintage decor, a 15-barrel brewing system which can be viewed through huge glass windows, and a menu that includes healthy, organic, and gluten free options.

After lunch we did some exploring, visiting local shops and stores including The Shop, featuring home decor and finds; the Kalona General Store; Kalona Bakery; and the Pink Begonia, an antique and handcraft shop, where we found a cute little patio set for our deck.

We ended our time downtown with a trip to the Kalona Coffee House, another place we enjoy stopping for smoothies, coffee drinks, and ice cream.

On our way out of town, we stopped at Sister's Garden and Bloom, two antique and finds shops contained in old houses. They have housewares, apparel, candles, and hundreds of other unique items.

If you're in the Iowa City area at any point, Kalona is a must-visit!

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