Monday, December 7, 2015

Dressember: Week One Recap

I can't believe week one of Dressember is over already! The campaign has gotten off to a great start, thanks to everyone who has been supporting me in this adventure! It is so great to have so many different people join the cause and give to Dressember. My hope and prayer is that we can keep this momentum going as we move into week two. 

Will you consider joining me in the fight for freedom and donating to my Dressember challenge? The process is secure, simple, and tax-deductible within the United States. Your gift will go toward funding the work of International Justice Mission and A21, two organizations fighting to end human trafficking and restore dignity to those rescued from slavery.

At the end of each week of Dressember, I'll be posting a recap which will include photos and information from each day. I want to highlight my donors, their generous giving, and have some fun by talking about the different styles I create around each dress. If you don't want to wait for the recap, you can get daily updates and photos by following me on Instagram @MrsEliseMance.

Day One

Dress sponsor: Mary Lou
 About the look: I paired the wine Dressember Dress--ethically made by an overcomer of sex trafficking--with a chunky cardigan, leggings, and boots.
Fundraising Stats: Total raised before day one, $475. Total raised on day one, $160. Grand total, $635.

Day Two

Dress sponsor: My Grandma, Shirley
 About the look: This style was all about the layers: long-sleeved tee under a summery black dress (option E in the catalog), paired with a waterfall folklore sweater, sweater tights, and booties.
Fundraising Stats: Total raised, $635.

Day Three

Dress sponsor: Anonymous
 About the look: This dress was selected from the catalog (option G) by my anonymous donor. I paired it with a lightweight cardigan under an army green jacket and finished the look with grey tights, and taupe booties.
Fundraising Stats: Total raised on day three, $100. Grand total, $735.

Day Four

Dress sponsor: Brianne
 About the look: This dress was selected from the catalog (option B) by my friend Bri. I paired it with an Aztec print shawl, leggings, and boots.
Fundraising Stats: Total raised, $735.

Day Five

Dress sponsor: Emily
 About the look: This is a Lou & Grey maxi dress paired with Hawkeye-themed accessories, a golden cardigan, and Converse.
Fundraising Stats: Total raised on day five, $30. Grand total, $765.

 Day Six

Dress sponsor: Jenae
 About the look: This dress is option F from the catalog, paired with a flannel shirt, leggings, and boots for a casual look.
Fundraising Stats: Total raised on day six, $150. Grand total, $915.

Day Seven

Dress sponsor: My Aunt Wendy
 About the look: This dress was selected from the catalog (option L) by my aunt, Wendy. I found some inspiration on Pinterest and paired this floral print dress with blue tights, a navy scarf, and an open cardigan.
Fundraising Stats: As of hitting publish part-way through day seven, the current total is $915. But it's not too late to donate today! We're only $85 away from being half-way to the goal!

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