Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life Right Now...

What happens when you don't have to post a photo on your blog every single day? Apparently, for me, I stop posting all together. In my defense, life has been quite full lately (I'm avoiding using the "busy" word since I'm not really that busy).

Right now I'm trying to transition more into wedding planning. And really, for how much time I have before the big day, I already have a lot of things figured out. Like...

   •  Location for the wedding and the reception
   •  Bridal party/ushers/attendants
   •  My dress (Yup, I already got it, thanks to a very productive Chicago weekend!)
   •  Colors/theme (The theme is sort of in-progress, but it's quickly forming.)
   •  Part of my centerpieces (see below)
   •  Photographer (I am suuuuper excited about him!)
   •  Flowers (My amazing cousin at Floral Sense is doing the flowers!)
   •  Guest list

Okay... I don't know how it is for other brides, but the guest list is probably what is going to give me the most grief in the long-haul. I have a limited budget and therefore, can't invite everyone I know. And since I'm the "pastor's daughter," just about everyone knows I'm getting married. What I'm not looking forward to is explaining to people why everyone isn't invited. I've really had to go through and, sadly, pick the people Nick and I feel closest to. The good news is, I'm planning a post-wedding cake reception for everyone to attend. So, here's hoping I can keep the peace and help people feel included, even if they can't come to the big day.

I also feel bad that my guests are dominating the list, limited though it is. Poor Nick doesn't even get half the slots. But hopefully by the time the big day comes, he will feel closer to a lot of the people on the list.

This past weekend I did some "antiquing" at a couple of local places. Thanks to Google search and the wonderful world of Pinterest, I've had the idea of using antique, blue glass mason jars in my reception decorating. This weekend I found the best deal yet on the exact kind of jars I wanted so... I bought enough to furnish all the tables. My centerpieces are going to most likely start with them, and possibly baby's breath. This project is in progress, but I like where it's at now. :)

So besides wedding stuff, I am doing some home decorating and getting in the mood for fall. Last weekend, Nick and I made a trip to the Quad Cities so we could visit Michaels (and a few other places/stores we don't have in Clinton). They are in full fall mode, and even though I went to find sale items for the wedding, I had to look at everything for Halloween/fall. I ended up getting a few things (sweet Nick got me the best smelling fall potpourri mix and basket) and then went home to put out my fall decor. :)

What are your thoughts on my mason jar centerpieces? Are you getting into the fall spirit yet?

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