Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photos and 'Maids and Things

Right now my life consists of crazy-busy, yet crazy-fun work insanity, and wedding deets. It's like I can't convince my mind to think about anything else.

A week from today we're taking our engagement pics in Chicago with our wedding photographer, Tim Tabailloux. I met Tim during my freshman year at Moody, since we both started at the same time and had a lot of the same friends. Then during sophomore year we were on class council together. I always thought he was super talented, especially with photography and videography, and kept up with his work over the years.

When we started thinking about wedding photographers, obviously he was the first person who popped into my mind. Nick really liked his work too, so that sealed the deal (along with a contract and deposit, obviously). So I'm really excited to see how our photos turn out. And trying to relax about the whole thing. I have this weird obsessive thought that they have to be absolutely perfect. Then I have to keep reminding myself that it's about capturing this time in our lives, not about achieving perfection.

In other wedding news, I sent out little "invite" cards to my bridesmaids, asking them to be in the wedding. I wanted to do something a little more personal than just a call or a text, so I got some crafty card stock and made these little cards.

One side has a personalized message, then the other side pops the question. I designed different "fonts" for each question, then added a ribbon (which corresponded with the wedding colors) and a little floral decal. I liked that each was completely unique, but they all tied back to the style and feel of the wedding.

I also just recently put together a photo book using Shutterfly, and a code I got for a free 8x8 book. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to put together something commemorating our engagement weekend in Chicago. And thanks to the awesomeness of embeddable codes, you can check it out here!

Click here to view this photo book larger • Start your own Shutterfly Photo Book today.

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Jess said...

Ah! So excited for your weekend and the honor of being one of your bridesmaid! HOLLA!! Good times ahead!! LOVE YOU my boo thang!

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