Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Long Weekend to Follow Along

Tonight I am preparing to depart for new places and old, and of course the first step in preparing is to write a blog post!

In the search for new and exciting adventures, I will be traveling to Baltimore. As for the old, my trip will first begin with a stop in Chicago for engagement pictures.

Most of you know that the wardrobe for said pictures was causing some angst. I am happy to report that outfits (and accessories) have been selected. I also mapped out a walking route through some lovely parts of the city so there will be no need for taxis or driving. All that remains is to paint my nails, clean my ring and wake up fresh-faced tomorrow!

After Chicago we'll fly out to Baltimore for a wedding of a good friend of ours from college. Nick is the best man and I'm on self-appointed Instagram photo duty. It will be our first wedding to attend together, which I'm insanely excited about (even if I do get stuck by myself at a table in the corner). I plan to talk current events and newsy things with my table-mates, and dance lots with Nick.

Since I'm sure I'll have plenty of down time all weekend, I'll be entertaining myself by tweeting all sorts of random and useless information. If you're interested, you can follow along, either by following me @EliseLoyola, or through the feed below.

Happy early weekend all! :)

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