Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Descent

Really good weekends are usually whirlwind-type weekends. Everything happens so swiftly, it's like you're caught up in a gust of wind, carried along for a ride, then deposited back where you started from. At least that's usually how I feel. This weekend was no exception.

The main part of the weekend consisted of traveling to Maryland--a place I had never been--for the wedding of a good college friend. There was some reminiscing, some down time, tons of running around, plenty of food, and celebrating, lots and lots of celebrating.

I realized, once we got there, how long it had been since I'd spent a decent amount of time with this college friend. And I was reminded how much good a few short days with a college friend can do for your heart. I was reminded of times surrounded by friends who honestly care about you, and knowing you. The kinds of friends who know what you mean to say, even when you say it the wrong way. The kinds of friends who accept you, in spite of shortcomings and failings. The friends who are comfortable enough to be themselves, and to let you be yourself too.

So not only was it a whirlwind-type weekend, but it was also one of those weekends when you ascend to a constant high of fond memories, happy feelings, and a good kind of forgetfulness where you stop worrying about yourself. I spent the weekend trying to help things run smoother, better for this college friend. That ended up consisting of things like folding pocket squares and fastening cufflinks, attempting to satiate crazy wedding planners, and encouraging everyone to dance, just to make the party more fun. And as much as I hoped I could have done for my friend, I came away feeling like I benefited so much more than he could have by my small acts.

And now comes the decent. Back to what I somewhat spitefully call the "real world," where friends are few and far between, days are mapped by hours at work, hours at home, hours of sleep. Memories of college days are confined to the back of the mind to make way for things like driving directions, appointments and mundane tasks. And decompression is to be found by staring into a computer screen, typing away on a blog post, clinging to the last few memories of what was literally just yesterday.

Exchanging vows.

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