Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Wrap-Up: Current Events & Christmas

Christmas for a lot of people is a "feel good" holiday. It's all about warmth and cheer and families.

But, Christmas for a lot of other people is anything but a "feel good" holiday. It's a day to remember lost loved ones, hurts and brokenness. This is brought home even more in light of recent events. Everyone knows what happened, and the thought of innocent children being executed brings many to a state of desperation and uncertainty. Do we really live in so barbaric a world?

Yes. The answer is yes. And the truth is, it will never get better.

Maybe that sounds harsh and over-the-top, but the evil that exists in this world cannot be done away with by men and their laws. Banning guns may treat a symptom, but the virus will live on. We can never extricate evil on our own.

So what do we do? What's the answer to this problem? Is there even an answer or will we go on struggling with acts of terror and evil until this planet consumes itself?

The good news is, there is an answer. It is the truth I and so many others cling to in dark days like December 14.

This truth was very clearly expressed on Sunday by my dad at church, and I want to share his message with all of you. I think he conveys a message I could not, and I agree wholeheartedly with everything he said. If you have some time, please listen to this audio clip. It is truth and hope for the darkest, and the best, of days.

Click to listen: He is Christ the Lord / Luke 2:11 / Dec. 16, 2012 / Clinton E-Free Church

Please share your thoughts on this message. If you were in church on Sunday and already heard this sermon, what were your initial thoughts?

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