Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Wrap-Up: Picture This

I'm trying something new with Storify and photo sharing in the form of a slideshow. Last year, if you remember, I did my "Thirty-One Days of Photos" challenge throughout December, and while it was stressful at times, I kind of miss documenting the events of the holidays.

But! Thanks to Instagram, documentation is easier and faster than ever. So while I can't promise 31 photos in a row, I think delivering at least one snapshot each day shouldn't be too hard.

The great thing about Storify is that, as I add photos, it will continue to update the embedded slideshow below. If however, you don't want to wait for that, come check out my Instagram profile on the app (username is EliseLoyola, surprising, eh?) or view my photos online.

That said, merry Christmas and thanks for checking out my Christmas wrap-up!

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