Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Preparing for a Presentation on Journalism

On Thursday I'm presenting on journalism at my second annual Clinton Community College High School Career Day.

While I'm basically recycling my presentation from last year, I did make a few tweaks, including a new presentation. Say good-bye to PowerPoint and hello to Prezi!

The presentation is essentially the skeleton to my two pages of notes. Reading over it, I get excited about all the info I have packed into it. Now I'm hoping I have a few kids who are honestly interested in journalism and are not just there for a nap. :)

Here's an excerpt from my presentation on the future of journalism, something people always like to ask about:

The future of journalism is always evolving. In my opinion, there will always be a need for reliable news sources. Therefore, I don't think the presence of the news media will diminish, it will simply change. This means some positions will most likely be eliminated or combined in the future.

I see a hybrid position that includes writing, editing and technological support skills. I think this would look something like writing and editing your own stories, then uploading them to a news site for distribution. Ideally, editors should be maintained to guarantee that content is accurately presented, but if the job market doesn't improve, positions will be combined and/or eliminated.

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