Thursday, June 6, 2013

Does this Make Me Ridiculous?

Does it make me an insane super fan if I hypothetically play music from my favorite tv show at my wedding?

Okay, let me clarify... It's not some crazy music or the Cheers theme song. It's tastefully arranged for the piano and I'm not picking it just because I love the show. I also happen to love, love, love the music that was orchestrated for it. I feel like it perfectly fills out the story and on its own is gorgeous.

So what's this music from, you ask? Behold: my all-time favorite tv show, Lost.

This music was arranged for the piano by Christopher Ryan, so it's not quite the dramatic, multi-instrument stuff of the original soundtrack. He did an excellent job bringing the "music from the island" to the piano, and because it's some of my favorite stuff out there, I felt like, how could I not consider it?

Right now I'm playing around with a few parts of my favorite tracks and thinking about how I can work them in. I know weddings are so much more than the music, but at the same time, I feel like weddings are made in the music. It's how you capture your audience, it's how you tell your tale, it's how you set the stage. At some weddings, the music has been fantastic and it's drawn me in. At other weddings, it's been lackluster, a filler you forget to notice.

So my question is this: How many other people pay attention to the music at weddings? Do you notice it/care about it as much as I do, or is it just me? And is it ridiculous for me to play music from a tv show at my wedding?

I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

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