Thursday, January 28, 2016

3 Lettering Tips for Beginners

This month I promised to bring more lettering-themed posts to the blog. So far I've shared my favorite supplies, how to prep gouache, and an upcoming chalk lettering challenge! Today I want to share a few tips for beginners which will hopefully help you on your lettering journey, regardless of which medium you use (markers, pointed pens, chalk, etc.).

Start small (and slow)

When you're first starting out, pick one medium and stick with it as you get the hang of forming the letters and creating shapes. I recommend starting with brush tip markers, like Tombow Duel Brush Pens or Artist's Loft Watercolor Duel Tip Markers. Or you can use some more simple tools, like pencils and pens, depending on the lettering style you're practicing. Mastering one medium first will help you build your skills and add different mediums in the future.

When you start lettering, take your time. Don't rush through forming the letters. Going slow will help you keep control of the tool you're using and the letter you are forming. Focus on the shape that you are drawing and how you want it to look.

Don't expect your lettering to look perfect from the get-go. Sometimes it takes a long time to get to where you want your lettering to be. Give yourself time to practice and master the art of forming letters. An easy way to do this is by focusing on forming one letter at a time and writing that letter over and over. As you practice a letter, you can determine what shape and style you like best.

Try different things

If you learned cursive in school, you probably learned the precise form for each letter. That is a great foundation for artistic lettering, but sometimes it's not the best way to shape or write letters. I've noticed as I've practiced modern calligraphy and other types of lettering that sometimes letters look better when they are formed differently. Don't be afraid to branch out and form your letters in new and different ways.

Also give yourself the freedom to try new products. I know I said stick with one lettering medium at first, but sometimes new products can help you improve. Try different types of paper, different brands, even different tools you've never tried. Variety in lettering keeps things interesting and fun.

Check out other people's work

I love following other typographers on Instagram. They give me daily inspiration, ideas, and motivation. I recommend finding and following several accounts that regularly post lettering in the styles you want to learn. If they have videos or blogs, check them out for tips and advice, as well as visual demonstrations of how they form their letters.

Following typographers on Periscope is another way to get new insight and also ask questions. Plus you can watch demonstrations, learn about different products, and network with other typographers. Once you find and follow one, it will be easy to discover more.

Got a question? Leave it in the comments below or tweet me @MrsEliseMance. Check back soon for more typography tips and tricks!

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