Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Confessions of a Pseudo-Adult

Some (scratch that, most) days I don't feel like a grown-up, surprisingly enough. My life is something like a teenager living with all the perks and most of the responsibilities of an adult. Try mixing "Thirteen Going on 30" with "Never Been Kissed"... or something like that.

The truth is, growing up sucks 80 percent of the time and rocks 40 percent. (You do the math.) I've decided that it's way more fun to not take life seriously while laughing a lot and doing some "big person" things.

So while I'm busy being a pseudo-adult, here are my confessions. Don't judge me; I lived in Neverland for most of my life; it's hard to finally grow up. (And yes, these are real.)

#1 - I sleep with stuffed animals on my bed, including a giant Simba that also doubles as a puppet. I just can't seem to separate myself...

#2 - I got a free subscription to Seventeen magazine. I read every one I get.

#3 - My favorite alcoholic beverage is Jack and Coke. Yes, I'm confessing in writing that I do enjoy an occasional drink. I am also confessing that I don't get drunk, which brings me to...

#4 - I haven't thrown up since 8th grade, that's how much I hate it.

#5 - My favorite movies are kids' films from the 80s and 90s. Among these are "Little Giants," "Rookie of the Year," "Heavyweights" and "Karate Kid."

#6 - My favorite tv series, hands-down, is "Lost."

#7 - I think it's funny when people burp out loud. I also think it's funny when I burp out loud, and used to do it all the time in college to annoy my roommate. :)

#8 - A couple of my friends and I have a slight obsession with making our own "Lol Cats" pictures and drawings... (If you're not sure what that is, just Google it.)

#9 - Speaking of lol, I hate that acronym. I write "haha" instead. Every time.

#10 - We have two basketball hoops in our driveway because I can't bring myself to get rid of the one I saved up my money and bought when I was a kid.

#11 - My family bought the car I own now when I was 11. It's kind of like a grown-up security blanket.

#12 - Sometimes I still get the urge to blow bubbles in my drink, just because I'm not supposed to.

#13 - My favorite video games are Mario Kart Double Dash and Little Big Planet. :)

#14 - I'm back to living at home, but not for long!!!

#15 - I'm planning my next tattoo... I think it's going to become an addiction.

#16 - When I had my own place, I used to keep it at about 60 all winter long. Energy was expensive in Denver!

#17 - My favorite thing to do is eat cookies and cream ice cream out of the carton... makes it so I don't have to share! :P

#18 - I don't really want to even try having a roommate because I know they won't be as great as my last one.

#19 - When living alone, my diet staples are chicken nuggets and tater tots. And the occasional Tombstone pizza.

#20 - I don't know what's funnier, getting hit on by high schoolers, or my mom getting hit on by random guys.

#21 - In college, my roommate and I would make random and absurd music videos when we got bored. We also did a lot of other things to help us keep our sanity amidst the madness that is a Christian college...

#22 - A few years ago I was engaging in activities like TPing and saran-wrapping people's cars. I would still do it now.

#23 - I think fake accents are hilarious and regularly use them, particularly an Indian accent.

#24 - I really love Justin Bieber's songs. (And no, I don't have a crush on him, that's just sick.)

#25 - I did a LOT of prank calling in college. I even got in trouble for it once.

#26 - I took my brother trick-or-treating when I was 22. I also collected candy at every house.

#27 - I once got someone arrested. I was pretty proud of it because they deserved it big time.

#28 - I really hate calling people on the phone, not sure why...

#29 - When I was 20 I pierced my own cartilage. Not planning on doing that again.

#30 - I haven't gotten a professional haircut since my sophomore year of college. I've been cutting my hair myself since then. Now I can't blame anyone but myself if it looks bad.

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Jerry Graham said...

Wow, you just hit the bullseye of every sentiment I've had recently concerning the aspects of my own life. The Pseudo-Adult is only the submersion of the child within we can't for some reason drown under the water of life's responsibilities. Great post! I know this was written years about but that's the life of the internet: nothing ever truly goes away.

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