Saturday, May 21, 2011

Promise Me This

You don't have to put your hand on a Bible. Or swear to always be true. Just make this pact with me, and we'll always be this for each other.

Let's promise to...

always have each other's backs. No matter who, no matter what.

remind each other how special the other one is. I know this world wouldn't be the same without you, and I'll remind you every day if I have to.

talk every single day, even if it's only in a text message.

always call each other "best friend," even if it sounds a little childish.

remember each other's birthdays. Send a card, sing, or write a long Facebook message.

bid each other good-night, even if we're 1,000 miles apart.

send each other picture messages just because. Or to find out if the outfit I'm about to buy does make me look fat...

let each other cry if we need to. And be there to catch the tears, even if it's only over the phone.

go on a date, just because. And if we're not together, we'll have a date on Skype.

color-coordinate our outfits, even if we're the only ones that know.

forget the diet some days. Want to share a Coke?

reminisce about our favorite times together. Do you remember the day we met? Or when we got in so much trouble?

laugh until we cry, because we both know that laughter is the best medicine.

hug every time we meet. And sometimes even after.

send each other postcards when we're not on vacation together. And maybe even if we are...

let "I'm sorry" be enough.

keep all the secrets we share.

support each other's dreams, even if they don't make perfect sense all the time.

remind each other to dance. It's in the risk-taking that you truly live.

be there in the times of deepest pain. And remember if you don't know what to say, it's okay, neither do I.

tell each other random stories, like that one time when...

always say "I love you," because we both need to hear it.

keep each other company in the nursing home. And maybe get into a little mischief, for old time's sake.

watch our favorite movie over and over because honestly, it never gets old.

be honest. If it's a bad idea, just tell me.

And finally, let's promise to never forget one another. The world is too lonely a place already.

1 comment:

Fran said...

Have you ever thought of writing for Hallmark or a similar company; maybe start your own greeting cards? You would rock it!

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