Friday, August 17, 2012

31 Days Captured: Day 17

Tonight the sunset was gorgeous. After dinner I still hadn't taken my photo of the day, so as we walked outside I snapped a few photos. And because I liked more than one, I broke the non-existent rules of the photo-a-day challenge, and uploaded two. (Gasp!)

First, I took this picture of the boats tied up at the marina. This dock is right in front of the Candlelight, the restaurant where we had dinner.

Second, I took the picture below of the crazy beautiful sunset over the court house. I was trying to get the least number of light and telephone poles, so this is the best I could do from the riverfront. And yes, I did a little editing, only because my camera phone didn't do it justice.

Whoever said Clinton was ugly never looked up.

Photographs captured with Samsung Galaxy S, edits to each via PicMonkey.


Jen said...

gorgeous images!! :)

eliseloyola said...

Thanks, Jen! :)

Adelina Alexander said...

Beautiful pictures! I am happy to join your blog and follow you! Would you like to follow me back?

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