Monday, August 27, 2012

31 Days Captured: Day 27

Despite the fact that every picture taken during this challenge was captured on my phone, I think this photo symbolizes the entire project. It's been all about using a tool to capture and keep moments and memories for later days. And this has been something we've done since the invention of the camera. This little Kodak was once used to photograph and preserve holidays and parties, firsts and lasts, trips and life-changing moments, just like my challenge.

Everyone says pictures are worth a thousand words, but the best are worth a thousand memories. They're worth the thoughts and feelings behind each frozen moment. They're a gift from days long ago, sometimes even forgotten. But as soon as you see that moment, that photograph, you remember it all over again.

That's really why I did this photo challenge. I knew deep down, as busy and chaotic as it might be, this month would be one I'd want to remember again and again. So many important moments, and so many quiet small ones, happened in these 31 days (which still aren't over, by the way). Capturing each one (and sharing it with you) was the best part of this whole challenge.

So, with four more days left, thanks for joining me on this ride. It's been so good. :)

Photograph captured with Samsung Galaxy S, edits via PicMonkey.

Find more of my daily photos on Tumblr.

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