Monday, August 27, 2012

31 Days Captured: Day 24

While this post, and the next three, are quite late, I did take the photos on the correct day. This weekend got a little crazy with a trip into Chicago, so you'll have to forgive me for only uploading the photos now. As for why it was crazy, you'll just have to wait...

On Friday (day 24) Nick and I took a road trip into Chicago. No road trip is complete without Jimmy John's and Starbucks (aka, provisions).

We made it into Chicago in record time and stopped at O'Hare Airport to pick up my best friend Brandi. She "just happened" to be available to come into town that weekend and we were going to have "girl time."

Of course I had been planning on going to Chicago on Saturday ever since the end of last baseball season when I got a Rockies' 2012 schedule. That's when I found out that the Rockies would be playing in Chicago on Aug. 25. Now, for those who don't know, I've been going to at least one Cubs-Rockies game for the past four years, so it has become a tradition. Thus, I had been waiting for this weekend for a long time.

Plans changed a little (more like some people made their own), but I still arrived in Chicago with tickets to go to the game, friends in tow. I took a bunch of pictures Friday, mostly of buildings and downtown, because I really wanted new photos to Instagram (and I wanted to remember the weekend).

We spent the night hanging out, going to our old favorite local eatery, catching up/reminiscing, and feeling a little odd being back in the city where we met. It was hard to believe that four years ago (for me, three for them) I left this city after graduating from college.

The city holds so many memories for each of us. As we walked the streets, we pointed out buildings and corners, shops and parks, and talked about the things that happened there. "Remember when we went there?" "That's where we took our first picture together!"

Chicago will always be the place that brought us together, and the place that brings us back.

Photographs captured with Samsung Galaxy S, no edits (sooc), collages created via PicMonkey.

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camille nicole said...

I miss this city and I love that you had such an amazing weekend.
Miss you and love you, Elisey. Sooooo happy for you. :)

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