Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dressember Day 13: It's Bigger Than a Dress

After I first decided to participate in Dressember, I started going through my closet to see which dresses I could wear throughout the month. As I was rummaging through my closet, I came to the last dress hanging there in a cloth bag. My wedding dress.

I haven't touched my wedding dress since it went into that bag. But after I saw it hanging there, I started thinking about how I could make it a part of Dressember.

I came up with the idea of wearing my wedding dress on Christmas day, but I felt like I needed a reason to wear it. So I made it an incentive; if my donors and I could reach my overall fundraising goal by Christmas day, I would wear the dress.

Christmas is in 10 days, which means we have 10 days to raise $640 and reach the $1,000 goal. But it's not really about the wedding dress, or any dress for that matter. My hope was to find a creative way to encourage friends and family members to join with me in supporting something I believe in.

I believe that every that every human life is sacred and special. This belief affects a lot of things I do, things I support, and things I don't support. One of the things I do support currently through Dressember, and have supported in the past, is International Justice Mission. It's an organization with a heartbeat for the sanctity of human life.

If you believe like I do, will you join with me in helping to fight injustice in the world? Your gift to Dressember will help to bring freedom, justice, and restoration to people who desperately need it. It doesn't have to be grandiose, or more than you can afford. Any amount will go toward the good work that IJM is doing.

If you want to give, come on over to my Dressember fundraising page. If you're still thinking about it, check out the page for more info, or some of my other posts on Dressember. Thank you for considering supporting this cause! Together we'll change the world.

Dressember Day 13

For a comfy-cute look on day 13, I paired an olive green t-shirt dress with an oversize beige cardigan, both older pieces from Target. I paired them with leggings, a plaid scarf, a braided headband and circle stud earrings, all from Loft. To finish everything off I added a pair of cowboy boots.

Here are the details on this look with some of the same pieces I'm wearing or similar substitutes.

Dressember Styles: Day Thirteen

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Christine Tj said...

Olive Green is the Bomb! Excited for our collabo tomorrow!! woot woot!

And thanks for your comment, hehe. :p

Happy Advent,

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