Monday, December 15, 2014

Dressember Day 14: Christmas + A Collaboration

Christmas is a time of year marked by giving; giving which is a reminder of the ultimate gift given to us, salvation through Jesus. I've been talking a lot about giving since I started participating in Dressember, an initiative to raise money and awareness to help end human trafficking through International Justice Mission.

In the spirit of giving, I'm sharing some great ideas for holiday gift-giving that give more than once. The items featured on my Give & Give Back board below give back to great people, organizations, and causes.

Give & Give Back: Christmas Gift Guide
Ornament: We Chose You. // Shoes: Toms. // T-Shirt: Sevenly. // Candle: Claro Candles. // Necklace: Sevenly.
Book: Bob Goff. // Sweatshirt: Walk in Love. // Cards: International Justice Mission. // Bag: I'm Me.

One item not included on the board is a gift I'm offering. For anyone who donates $25 or more to my Dressember challenge by December 19, 2014, at 6 p.m. CST, I will give you a unique, hand-lettered, frameable quote, like the one below.  

(This gift is contingent upon the donor providing his/her email address--at the time of donation--through which I can contact him/her to obtain a mailing address and preferred quote. For donors who are located within the Iowa City area, I will personally deliver your art to you.)

This art is completely one-of-a-kind, hand-written on premium 110 lb. cardstock with waterproof, light-fast Indian ink. It is not a print. I didn't include it on my gift board because I can't guarantee delivery by Christmas. However, if you are local, I may be able to get your art to you by December 25.

Want some art for yourself? Click here to be automatically taken to my Dressember donate page. Please make sure to include your email address and leave the opt-in box checked. Also, don't select the "make donation anonymous" box or I will not be able to contact you.

Dressember Day 14

Day 14 was a little different style-wise than pretty much every day before it, thanks to a Christmas party at our church's youth group! So, this is one way to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, Dressember-style. ;)

I wore my simple black Loft dress from day 3 and day 9, check them out for two other ways to style it. I paired it with leggings, boots, and this gorgeous sweater from Ragstock. And then topped it all off with a Santa hat, of course.

Dressember Blogger Collaboration

Through this wonderful thing called Dressember, I've had the pleasure of getting to connect with some other bloggers who are also participating in the challenge. We're all hoping to change the world through this campaign, and we love using our blogs to let the world know what we're up to.

I think again of this quote from the Dressember Foundation:

"Dressember is both an opportunity to advocate for the inherent dignity of others AND a chance to step into a creative + collaborative attitude that flies in the face of one of competition + comparison. We believe we are better when we join forces, when we get creative with what we have, and use it for good."

I'm so happy and excited to join forces with these women and turn our blogs into places to share what we're doing and why we're doing it. Dressember is about dignity, femininity, freedom, justice, and collaboration. I invite you to meet, and check out the blogs and fundraising pages of these fantastic ladies!

Beyoutiful Hope is an ethical fashion and faith blog. It features ethical, sustainable fashion, lifestyle, and travel tips through the lens of a sister in Christ.

Beyoutiful Hope's Dressember Fundraising Page

Cozy Reverie is an art and style blog. It features Amy Watkins's personal style, original artwork, and occasional adventures in sunny Southern California.

Cozy Reverie's Dressember Fundraising Page

To Live Beautifully is an inspirational blog about focusing on the uplifting and the beautiful things in life. Started by Kynley Michal as she sought after a happier and healthier perspective on life with posts about life lessons, fashion, beauty, decor, and local explorations around Denver, Colorado.

Tea n' Hunny is a poetry and lifestyle blog. It features Safra Bacchus as she relays cultural fashion, emotional experiences, and her struggles as she tries to pursue her goals. 

Tea n' Hunny's Fundraising Page

Styled by Laurajane is a personal blog featuring Laura's outfits, photography work, and occasionally reviews of various ethical fashion companies. A lot of the posts revolve around Noonday Collection, the fair-trade jewelry company that Laura is an independent ambassador for. 

Styled by Laurajane's Fundraising Page

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