Monday, December 1, 2014

Dressember Day One: The Kick-Off

Today is the kick-off for Dressember!! (If you have no idea what this is, find out more about it here.) And while I'm excited to create new and different ways to style my dresses, I can't help but feel the weight of what this initiative is really about. It's more than a dress.

It's dignity, it's freedom, it's help, it's safety, it's a voice. It's women coming together to do something bigger than our style choices, our Instagram photos, or our blogs. It's a chance for us to make a change for the people who desperately need it.

And that's what I'm hoping to do, with your help. I can't do it by myself. I can write compelling blog entries and fill up your Facebook news feed with clever posts, but until you decide to join me, it's just noise. It's not actual change. I'm so thankful for the few who have already joined me and I'm asking you to do the same.

It's so easy, so simple, and it can do so much. Any donation you make goes to International Justice Mission and its work to free victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and violent oppression. Your donation is also tax-deductible, which is a nice perk come April. If you're still on the fence, let me share some facts with you.

>> The global average cost of a slave is $90.

>> Human trafficking fuels the porn industry.

>> There are 20 to 30 MILLION slaves in the world right now.

>> Over half a million people are trafficked across international borders every year. More than 70 percent are female and 50 percent are children.

>> Human trafficking is the THIRD largest international crime industry after illegal drugs and arms trafficking. It generates a reported yearly profit of $32 BILLION.

So while Dressember may seem like a fun challenge, and we will have a good time with it, it's also serious and heartbreaking. So please, think about what you can give to this extremely important cause. When you're ready, come on over to my Dressember page and give a gift that will make a world of difference in someone's life.

Dressember Day One

For day one I styled one of my new scores, a black and cream striped dress from Forever 21. Since we're in the polar vortex or whatever you want to call it, I had to get to layering because it is cold. So I put an Old Navy button-down chambray shirt and charcoal-grey Lou & Grey leggings underneath. I topped it off with boots, a belt and watch, then took this bathroom mirror shot.

If you should happen to like this look, or feel inspired to shop it, here's what I'm wearing, or a similar substitute. I mean, let's be honest, some things (like my boots) I've had for years. Plus, making Polyvore boards is too much fun to pass up an opportunity. ;)

If you're also participating in Dressember, I would love to connect with you! Share a link to your blog in the comments!

Dressember Styles: Day One

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