Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dressember Days 27 + 28 + 29: What Would You Give?

I have some great news today! As of last night we are 90 percent of the way to the goal I set and have less than $100 to raise! I am always so excited and yet overwhelmed by the generosity of my family and friends. We can do this! We can meet our goal and declare together that slavery and human trafficking cannot, must not continue!


This week, my mind keeps going back to one simple question: What would you give? Imagine a world where a woman who is precious to you was kidnapped, sold into slavery, trapped in prostitution. It could be your sister, or daughter, or mother, or wife, or best friend, or cousin. It could be a woman who means the world to you, or one you can't wait to see grow up, or one you've known all your life. What would you do to rescue them? What would you give?

Thankfully, most of us haven't experienced this. We can't fathom what it would be like, the feelings of helplessness, the crazed desire to be reunited, the longing to see justice served. We go about our days not really considering what is reality for many people who have lost a girl they love. People who would give anything to see their child found, but feel powerless.

If this was you, if you lost someone, no doubt you would empty your bank account to find the one you love. No doubt you would organize searches, make endless phone calls, do whatever it took. But you couldn't do it alone. You would need the strength of many men, the voices of many women, the help of everyone you could find. You would be asking them, "What can you give to help me?" And you would hope they would give as much as they could, and then some.

Now is our chance to answer that question. So many people are crying out, but their voices are not heard. So many need justice, rescue, help that we can give. What can you give? What would you give? What would you hope others would give? I ask you to think about these questions. We are in the final days of this fundraising initiative called Dressember. We are so near the end and so close to the goal. No, slavery won't be gone on January 1, but it will be dealt a blow. How hard, and by how many, remains to be seen.

Will you join us? Will you give whatever you can to a cause so beyond all of us individually, but not beyond us when we stand together? Will you stand with me? If the answer is yes, please click this link to visit my Dressember fundraising page. There will be an option to donate, where you can answer this question: What would you give? Thank you for considering, and if you have already given, thank you for your gift! We will change the world.

Dressember Day 27

Today was one of the colder days we've had this month, so I went with a warmer option by layering with a burgundy pull-over sweater. I paired it with my black Loft dress from days 3, 9, 14, and 22. It does create a somewhat bulky look, but most of the day it was hiding under my olive anorak (included on my Polyvore board from day 11).

Dressember Day 28

Day 28 was also chilly, and since we were going to church, I wanted something that looked nice and simple. I chose my Lauren Conrad sweater dress--from day 2 and day 8--since I hadn't worn it in a while. I paired it with charcoal tights and my berry scarf, along with a necklace I made the day before (pictured below).

Dressember Day 29

Today I decided to find another way to style my olive t-shirt dress from days 13 and 20. This time I paired it with my geometric Loft cardigan from day 4, belted at the waist, and added leggings and knee-high socks under my boots.

As always, here are the details of each day's styles with the same or similar pieces.

Dressember Styles: Days 27-29

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