Monday, December 12, 2011

Thirty-One Days of Photos: Day 12

I know today's photo isn't overly exciting, but I do have a surprise as well.

I finally started reading this book today. It's the third and final book in the Hunger Games series, and though I finished the second one a while ago, I didn't have a chance to start this one until today. I finished the first chapter between coming home from work and heading to my brother's basketball game.

I really like Suzanne Collins' writing style in these books and the way she makes the main character (and narrator) reason and process the situations around her. She's also had good character development and conflict, so I'm looking forward to finding out how she finishes the series.

My surprise is that I also have a guest photo for today! This next photo was taken by my mom (and edited a little by me).

We went to Manny's Too in Fulton tonight after my brother's basketball game. On the dining room side of the restaurant, there are always senior pictures and portraits on display by a local photographer. My mom started talking about how she wants to take photos of hands and feet. I happened to have my digital SLR in my bag, so I dug it out and passed it over to her.

Being anti-flash, she got stuck with my pre-set options, but I thought this one turned out really great. I liked the lighting, the depth of field and the composition. So, as a way to make up for having a fairly blah photo for today, I decided I'd make it a guest photo and share it with you all.

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