Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thirty-One Days of Photos: Day 7

Today I took some Christmas card photos for my co-worker Angie Bicker and her dog Cordy.

This obviously isn't the cover shot, but if you know me, you know I have a love affair with candid moments and natural lighting. We were trying to get Cordy to sit up and look at the camera (which she eventually did after I threw out key words like "bone" and "lettuce"). I love the expression in her eyes on this one, like she's saying, "Mom, who is that strange girl and what is she holding?"

Angie is one of the editors I work with. She does a lot of page layout and editing of stories for the paper. She also writes a weekly column that appears Wednesdays in the print edition and online. I really enjoyed her column from this week, and I got to read it before it hit the press. Angie has quite a following, and people seem to especially enjoy reading about her adventures as a chicken farmer.

I got a little taste of said chicken farming today when I took Angie's photos. I got to see her state-of-the-art chicken house and some of her "girls" as she likes to call them. They were pretty interested in checking me out too, or at least seeing if I would let them fly the coup. We regularly buy eggs from Angie, so it was fun to see where they come from. I'll be honest, I don't think I'd have the patience or dedication to raise chickens like she does.

In the newsroom, we like to tease Angie about all the chicken dishes she could make and share with us once the hens have seen their last egg. (What can I say, we're food-driven. We have "doughnut parties" after we get a certain number of likes on our Facebook page.)

Other than the photo shoot, it was a fairly average day. I hope you all are having a good week, and thanks as always for checking out my photos and reading my posts!
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