Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thirty-One Days of Photos: Day 13

On Day 13, I am featuring the best 13-year-old I know...

Tonight was another home game for my brother's basketball team. This time we played West Carroll, a public school team, and dominated. The boys led for most of the game, finishing with a score of 33-28. It was pretty exciting and intense at times, and needless to say, my mom and I were yelling... a lot.

I'm pretty sure Michael knew I was taking this picture, hence the hint of a smile on his face. He also knew I was yelling the whole time, but isn't that what big sisters are supposed to do? Or maybe it's just me, because sports bring out my bad side.

So you know those moments where you wish you could freeze time? This month has been made up of a lot of those moments. There have been so many instances where I wish I could just stop time and keep that moment forever. I guess it's good I'm keeping this photo-a-day blog, because in some ways I'm getting to do that.

It's true that the older you get, the faster time goes. And while granted, sometimes I just want to get through life, other times I can't get it to slow down. Every little moment, every conversation, every relationship is so important. None of them can last forever it seems, but I can't help myself in wanting them to.

So I'll go on keeping this little treasure trove of moments, the precious memories that have made this year one of the best.

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Molly said...

Elise, it's a treat to see the ways you are capturing life- through the simple daily motions, to the adventures and events of being close to friends and family. I really liked this post especially, about wanting to hold on to moments, I can so identify with that stream of thought. I hope you have many more this Christmas season!

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